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Cabin Fever Crochet 2016

Well that was quite a storm!

I’m here on my second snow day from work. I haven’t left my apartment since last Friday. Well, I’ve gone for walks around the neighborhood but otherwise I have been cooped up.  And there are only so many times one can rearrange bookshelves. (Last count: 3.)

Like any crochetholic, I have made sure that I some good crafting time in, both in making items, in planning my spring/summer items, and organizing my overflowing yarn stash too.

Right now, I am working on some cotton pot holders. Pot holders (or trivets) make nice gifts for everyone and are wonderful for housewarming or moving parties. They also add a nice homey feel to a kitchen populated with all sorts of appliances and gadgets. For Christmas 2015, I my family made some crocheted decorations. I think I might give these pot holders next year.

Cabin Fever Cotton Pot Holders


I have also added to my selling platforms.  Fiverr allows people to offer a variety of services for $5 (more depending on the extras you would like to add to your order). It’s a great site for making extra cash and if you have something small to offer the public. I actually started on Fiverr doing product and website reviews. Now, I have switch over to selling crochet exclusively.

What will I offer on Small gifts not for sale on my Etsy page or on Ravelry. Right now I am selling Valentine’s Day coasters and Sunburst pendant necklaces.


Have fun in you Cabin Fever Crochet!






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