From Cabin Fever to Crafting Fever


With this year’s Never-Ending Winter, people must be suffering some pretty serious cabin fever. Thankfully, the Olympics are on, and there’s always catching up on (i.e., binge-watching) your favorite TV shows, renting movies on demand,  and reading all those books you didn’t have time to get to before. All of these things are great, but even these activities can get a little tedious.


Why not take this time to craft? Here are five ways to help transform Cabin Fever into Crafting Fever:

Try new stitches: Whether you are into crochet or knitting, try some of the more daunting stitch patterns that you otherwise say “some other day” to. Learn how to cable, for example, or try lace. If you don’t have a book with stitch patterns available, or you can’t get out of your house to buy one, look up stitch patterns on the internet. Check out:  Youtube, Annie’s attic, Lots of Crochet Stitches, or New Stitch a Day.

Crochet or Knit for charity: Plenty of charities and organizations look for hats, scarves, or afghan squares to help the homeless, cancer patients, or kids. Starting Chain and have list various options.

Swap your practice: If you typically crochet, try knitting. If you’re a knitter, try crochet. Practice the basic stitches of your new found craft and make a scarf, placemats, or napkins.  Try: All Free Crochet and Lots of Crochet Stitches for patterns. Craftsy offers online classes in a variety of crafts, including crochet and knitting.

Plan your craft calendar: Always want to make gifts for people, but run out of time because the event or holiday sneaks up on you? Take the time gifted by the Polar Vortex to plan your gifts on a calendar. Map out exactly how long it will take you to complete a project, and mark down these days on the calendar. If you’re like me, this helps to give you avoid all-night stitching sessions during the 48-hours leading up to the gift deadline.

Teach someone else your craft: Have young people in the house? Get them involved in your craft. There’s no hard and fast rule that only girls can crochet or knit, so why not get the boys involved too? Crochet and knitting are a great brain activities for kids who are at home thanks to never ending snow days. They also help with eye-hand coordination. Plus, the kids will feel accomplished when they finish a project.


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